PRIMERO-Energy considers the whole building. The heating requirement is determined first, followed by an extrapolation on the expected primary energy demand for the service heating, ventilation, hot water and electricity for artificial light.

PRIMERO-Energy is only available in German.

The entire building is detected with all uses and technical equipment from inside to outside. Firstly the necessary services (room temperature, need for fresh air, hot water consumption and the demand for light) are defined for the various spaces in building. Secondly, this space is assigned with the associated external components having defined standards of insulation, windows, doors and interior components. Finally, the information is appended to the building systems.

The calculation is performed according to the EV 2002 / DIN 4108-6 and is therefore valid for residential buildings by the Energy Saving Ordinance 2009/2014.

With PRIMERO-Energy calculations following results are possible:

- Annual balance sheet of the heating demand

- Annual review of the primary energy demand for heating, hot water, ventilation, lighting

- Monthly balance of the heating demand

- The balance of the individual components, transmission losses / solar gains

- Balance the thermal bridge losses

- Usable area balance of lighting (current)

- Creation of an energy demand card after EV 2002

- The balance of the heating requirement based on the passive house preplanning (PHVP) for rapid assessment of whether a passive house can be achieved.

PRIMERO-Energy is taken into account when calculating the shading of fixed elements in their own building (e.g. overhangs) as well as by neighboring buildings.

Thermal bridges can be considered as overall (according to DIN 4108 Supplement 2) or detailed (entering the PSI values​​).

Unheated parts of the building can be considered as overall (according to Energy Saving) or detailed geometric (calculation according to DIN EN ISO 13789).

The description of the components is based on an in- built PRIMERO catalog for standard constructions (adapted to the construction standards EnEV and passive house). For a more detailed discussion of the layered structure in own building construction, building material selection can be entered exactly by the integrated auxiliary tool U-value manager.

PRIMERO-Energy provides a clear and complete documentation and presentation of the input. The existing version management allows simulation of a variety of building variations to find an optimized solution without much input effort. Hence, it is possible, for example, with one click, to replace or change the insulation thickness of the glazing components selected or for all windows.

For a detailed look at individual rooms the modules PRIMERO-Summer, PRIMERO-Light and PRIMERO-Comfort can be used. All three modules can be used as stand-alone programs. The calculation in PRIMERO-Light demand for artificial light can be used in PRIMERO-Energy.